Sunday Sermon Series

'A Choice Called, 'Life' 

We now live in a world to a large degree, where no one wants to accept responsibility. Blame for ‘what once was’ has now become the excuse for ‘what now is’. So, in this we now have what I call a societal impasse… we’ve all been placed into the same category as computers, ‘our behavior is the fault of the programmer. If we were programmed wrong, we’ll behave wrong.’ And of course, as with the computer ‘It must be the programmers fault and not that of choice.’ It is what I call the ‘I CAN’T HELP MYSELF’ defense for offense. Homosexuals’ say, “I was born this way.” Alcoholism is now called ‘hereditary’ in some cases. ‘Child molesters need be understood not punished.’ ‘Murderers are just maladjusted people in society.’ Well, in many years of being a pastor, I have made a pastoral discovery… ‘Most become what they’ve decided to become, not what birth, life or circumstance caused them to become.’ Don’t get me wrong; I understand some need real therapy, counseling… Join us as over the next few weeks delve into this subject and hope to answer the question, 'are We a Product of Chance or Choice?'